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Frequently Asked Questions

The followings are some of the frequently
asked questions about our Ministry:

Q. Why did you choose “Soul for Christ” as the name of your ministry?

A. "Soul for Christ” is a reflection of Christ Ministry. The main reason why Jesus Christ came into the world is to die in order to save the human soul. No other name will adequately reflect our mission. Our mission is to seek, and win, the lost “Soul for Christ.”

Q. What is a “Soul?“

A. A “Soul” is the real individual living inside of human body, invisible to natural eye. The soul is the inner man, or the inner woman. When we die or are taken out of this body, the Spirit will go back to God who gave it to us. The body will go back to the dust where it came from BUT, the soul of an individual will live forever, eternally, either in Heaven or in Hell. Jesus died for the souls.

Q. Since “Soul for Christ Ministry Inc” is a Christ Centered ministry, does that mean that you will not be providing services to people of different faiths even though they may have legitimate needs?

A. No, we will provide services to people of different faith respectfully but we will also share God’s Love with them without enforcing it on them.

Q. Why do you have group homes for the mentally ill?

A. Some mentally ill individuals have difficulties taking care of themselves and many of them feel unwanted by their relatives. We cannot think of any perfect environment for the mentally ill other than a God- loving environment where individuals are not judged, or treated with contempt, because of their mental illnesses. Our group home is such an environment where we help bring the best out of people. God is Love. God loves and cares for the mentally ill just as He loves and cares for you and me.

Q. Can your ministry help the homeless individuals who are homeless by choice, and the mentally ill individuals who are mentally ill by choice?

A. No. We cannot serve individuals against their will. We cannot help individuals that don’t want to be helped. Individuals will have to recognize their needs, and seek help.

Q. What do you think about psychotropic medications in the treatment of mental illnesses?

A. Soul for Christ Ministry Inc. is not anti doctor, nor anti-medication. Our belief is that all Knowledge, Wisdom, and Power belong to God including the wisdom and knowledge of making medicines. You and I are not sinning by taking medications for any conditions that we may have but, nonetheless, there are limits to what those medications can do. Our prayers and hope is that Christian communities, people of faith and God’s calling, will engage in redirecting the mentally ill individuals to the ONE who created the brain cells and its chemicals, the soul and the body. Human beings are created “very good,” and without illnesses, in the beginning, according to the Scriptures: Genesis 1:31...

Q. Do you honestly believe that God’s Word is powerful enough to heal mental illnesses?

A. Yes, according to the Scripture. God cannot possibly lie when He says:

My son, attend to my words; incline thy ear unto my
saying. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them
in the midst of thine heart. For they (God’s words) are life
unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.
                                       (Prov. 4: 20-22).

Q. What are the ministry’s goals?

A. Our immediate goal is to build an “Institute for Human Enhancement,” a facility where the mentally ill can come for a more comprehensive interventions. Our long term goal is to continue to reintegrate as many people as possible, back into the society. Our hope is that the individuals integrated will be self maintained in the community without depending on the working society. Our ultimate goal is to see these individuals reached the level where they too can be of help to those in need of help tomorrow.

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