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The Mentally Ill

Our Primary Interest: the Mentally Ill

Our society is quick to call them lunatics, drug addicts, and many other degrading labels any of us can think of. But, let us not forget that these are also humans; these are someone elseís children, someoneís parents, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, cousins, uncles and aunts. To God, the restoration and wellbeing of the mentally ill is just as important as yours and mine. Past & present experiences are suggesting that it will be in our best interest and in the best interest of our society that we reach out to the mentally ill. The mentally ill need you and me. They need all of us. There is nothing worth rescuing on earth than the human soul; there is nothing worth our investment than the human soul. We need to understand also that not all mentally ill are drug addicts but, to the contrary, many of mentally ill are truly victims.

My Experiences With the Mentally Ill

As the president of this incorporation, I have worked with hundreds of mentally ill individuals at different mental health clinics including MHMR, Dallas Metrocare and, Metrocare Services, as a caseworker and as a licensed professional counselor. It was during this time that God planted in me a comprehensive approach to help the mentally ill, a ministry that will focus on the whole person: Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Institute for Human Enhancement

In early 2016, the Lord spoke to me about building a facility called an Institute for Human Enhancement, a facility where mentally ill can come for a combination of interventions including but not limited to Nutritional foods, Affordable housing, Life skills training, Health education, Cognitive restructuring, Behavioral counseling; GED preparation classes for those needing it, Computer classes for those that can benefit from it, Bible study and continual fervent Prayers for those desiring spiritual growth. Current traditional approach is too costly and less effective because it falls short of ministering to the whole person: Body, Soul, and Spirit.  

Mentally Ill Is Not Just a Government Problem

Mentally ill issue is not a problem affecting the government or the family of mentally ill only; it is a problem affecting all of us either directly or indirectly. The government may award the mentally ill disability checks, government housing, and food stamps but, as good as these may sound, the mentally ill needs a more comprehensive approach than these government benefits. A comprehensive approach must include Nutritional foods, Affordable housing, Life skills training, Health education, Cognitive restructuring, Behavioral counseling, GED preparation for those needing it, Computer classes for those that can benefit from it, Bible study, and continual fervent prayers for those requesting our prayers.

The government can incarcerate the mentally ill for acting crazy but no government can incarcerate the demon responsible for the madness. Christiansí community is obligated to ensure that the devil is defeated in this battle. The deliverance of the mind of the mentally ill is a noble call for Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc, and it should be a noble call for all of us if we are humans & breathing, and our blood is red.

We Canít Just Run Away From Them

There are family members who will do anything to keep a mentally ill relative away. Many religious congregations donít want the mentally ill around because they donít understand the illness or know how to deal with it. Many politicians think the mentally ill are irritants to the society because these contribute very little to our economy, and are known for putting excessive financial demands on the working society. As true as all of these may seem, we just canít run away from them, or simply write them off. Neither should we treat them like a plague but, together, we can assist the mentally ill to regain their dignity. Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc is committed & needs your help.

A human being is a 3-dimensional being

A human being is a 3-dimensional being. He is a Soul; he has a Spirit, the Breath of God in him; and he lives in a Body. With the Spirit he knows God, with his Body he interacts in the world, and in his Soul he comes to the knowledge of himself. All of these 3-dimensions must work together in harmony or else there will be schism, inner conflict, because it is written: no kingdom that divides against itself shall stand.

Mental illnesses are demonic wars against the soul of men, and women alike. This spiritual war has no respect for class, race, age, gender or belief, and the types of interventions I am introducing here are ways beyond the duty of any government. It is Christiansí responsibility to engage in this spiritual battle, for themselves and for those that are weak in faith. There is no medication on planet earth powerful enough to drive the demons of madness out of the mentally ill but Jesus can.

We Appreciate Your Passion

The fact that you have read this far convinced me that you are somewhat passionate about the mentally ill. It is my prayer that you will be passionate enough to help us. It is not the size of our wealth but what we are doing with what we have. It is not how long we live that matters but how many lives our life was able to touch while we are still living. It is the legacy we are leaving behind us. We brought nothing into this world and when we die we will take nothing out: 1Timothy 6:7; Matthew 25:34-46.

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