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GED Preparation Classes

“Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc” is partnering with “Workforce Solutions” to offer free GED classes to all willing participants. “Workforce Solutions” will help pay for your GED test when you are ready to take your test. After you pass your GED test and you want to go to College or learn a trade, “Workforce Solutions” will help you go as far as you want to go. This is your opportunity! Call today! Space is limited! “Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc” is in partnership with “Workforce Solutions” of Greater Dallas to provide Adult Literacy.

Free Computer Classes

Soul for Christ Ministry offers basic computer training to our residents and anyone who desires to develop or increase their computer skills. Intermediate and advance training are also available to students based on level of needs.

Group Homes

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. offers Group Homes designed to be a bridge between dependent and independent living, primarily for the mentally ill individuals who find it difficult to live independently on their own. We work relentlessly with our residents to help bring the best out of them. We demonstrate patience, emotional support, God’s Love & Caring, realizing that we may be the only source of support these individuals have. God loves each of us, including the mentally ill. God wants the best for each of us. Our prayers and hope is to see God’s Purpose fulfilled in each of our residents.

Individual Counseling

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc. offers Individual Counseling to residents & nonresidents. Nonetheless, we believe that Jesus Christ is the most effective Counselor ever lived. In Jesus Christ we discover Divine answers to life problems.

Peer to Peer Counseling

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc. allows Peer to Peer Counseling to interested individuals, individuals willing to work on life challenges openly. The participants are encouraged to share their victories as well as defeats: what seems to be working & what doesn’t. Participants are expected to share openly, and respectfully learn from one another. Participants’ confidentiality is voided, not guaranteed in this category of intervention.

Life Skills Training

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc offers life skills training to residents who have the desire to live independently. Our goal is to help residents and all participants in developing necessary skills to be self-sufficient, and becoming less dependent on others.

Substance Abuse Education

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is educating those struggling with addiction by providing insights needed for behavioral change, educating them on pros & cons of addiction, some of the adverse consequences including financial problems, health issues, and legal issues. Our goal is to help the addict abstain. We make referrals as necessary.

Mental Health Education

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc is teaching effective coping skills to manage psychoses, manic episodes, anxiety, depressive symptoms, obsession, etc. We are educating, encouraging individuals to comply fully with medical and psychiatric care. However, we believe that Jesus Christ is the most effective doctor. Where the medications & doctors are failing, God Almighty never fails. He said “I am the God that heals thee.”

 Community Resource Education

We provide Community Resources Education to our residents, and neighbors who come for help. We make referrals as often as needed.

Homeless Feeding

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc provides homeless individuals with nutritional hot meals onsite Monday through Friday from 12noon – 3:00pm except on Wednesdays. We mentor, encourage, instill hope, and educating individuals on making better choices.

Food Pantry for Low Income Families

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc maintains a food pantry to support low income neighbors, and single families who meet the criteria in the TEXCAP Guidelines. Our food pantry is on Wednesdays from 12noon – 3pm, except on the 5th Wednesday of the month.

Ministry’s Picture ID

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc provides the homeless individuals who have no form of id, and are having difficulty obtaining one, with SFCM optional picture-id. The ministry id is not, in any way, a substitute for government-id. Our hope is that this id will help the carrier for a quick identification when needed & wherever it is accepted.

Bible Education & Corporate Prayer

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc has a church service on Sunday with corporate prayers. We have Bible Education during the week. We pray together and trust God together. God is faithful. He will honor His Promises if we dare trust and believe in Him

       Monthly Birthdays Party & Indoor Games

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc celebrates Birthdays once a month for residents having birthdays in that month. Games are played, with lots of gift, foods and beverages.

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