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The following are extracts from what some of our residents are saying. An alphabet was used to represent each name:

Resident A.

“You treat us like you really care, and that is important to me. I feel like you are all I have. I don’t see myself moving out of here anytime soon. If, and when I move, I am moving to live on my own. I know that living independently is your prayers for us.”

Resident B.

“I know how I used to go in and out of the hospital. I haven’t being hospitalized in many years now. I am now feeling good about myself, ready to live independently again.”

Resident C.

“I remember the day you helped me move from “Salvation Army Shelter” to a motel, and how you will come every week to do counseling with me in a motel. I remember when you provided me with housing when I don’t have any money to pay. Now I am receiving social security benefit, and living independently on my own. I am grateful.”

Resident D.

“I love it here, and I am not going anywhere unless you decide to kick me out. Are you going to kick me out?”

Resident E.

“I am thankful for this ministry. Since I have been living here I have noticed many positive changes in me, and I am working toward my goals. You helped me enrolled in Nursing- Aid program, and now graduated. I am ready to move on. Thank you.”

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