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Welcome to Soul For Christ Ministry Inc.

Thank you for visiting with us. Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc is an “Institute for Human Enhancement,” a tax exempt, nonprofit, charity organization in Dallas Texas. We are providing necessary supportive services to the mentally ill, homeless individuals, the elderly, single parents, troubled teenagers, low income families, those struggling with depression, legal issues, and anyone who is hurting and reaching out for help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between the individuals and their unmet needs while at the same time educating the individuals how to work toward self sufficiency.

The Ministry

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc was founded in 1999 by Brother Elijah as a community support organization primarily serving the mentally ill, and the homeless individuals. Since then however, our services have extended to the elderly, single parents, low income couples, troubled teenagers, those struggling with depression, legal issues, anyone who is hurting and reaching out for help. Between 1999 and 2016 Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc has transformed itself to an “Institute for Human Enhancement.”

Our Interventions

--- providing Nutritional foods, Affordable housing, Life skills training, Behavioral counseling, Cognitive restructuring, GED preparation classes for those needing it, Basic computer training for those that can benefit from it, Bible studies & Prayers for those desiring spiritual growth. Soul for Christ Ministry is not fostering dependency but strengthening the whole person: the body, soul, and spirit, through structured education while assisting the individuals in obtaining missing “daily basic needs.”

Our Techniques

--- assessing the needs of individuals, personal assets, current level of functioning, support network, short/long term realistic goals & person’s level of commitment. We, then, assist individuals in developing necessary steps to accomplish realistic goals.

                  1.  Ministering to the Body: by providing nutritional foods, affordable housing, stabled environment, assisting residents in managing their medications, and by teaching skills needed for independent living. Residents will learn how to make grocery list, how to cook, do the laundry, maintain clean environment. Our residents will learn general self care, good hygiene, and how to manage money.

                  2.  Ministering to the Soul: by providing series of structured Bible Studies. First, our focus is on the impression of the senses, the roles that senses are playing in retrieving data from the environment, and transmitting it into the soul. Residents will learn about subjective perception of reality, the decision making, cause & effect, choices and consequences. Then, we will explore the Fall of the man in the Garden of Eden, the effects of the Fall on our relationship with God, God’s only provision for our Redemption, our Faith in Christ, Spiritual wars against the Soul, Heaven & Hell.

                 3.  Ministering to the Spirit: by providing spiritual support to those desiring spiritual growth. Here, we will focus on the presence of God in us: the Breath of God that each of us possessed. The Breath of God in us can serve a far greater purpose than just to keep us alive. Upon accepted Jesus Christ, and being filled with the Holy Ghost, our soul is reunited to God, the veil or wall between soul & spirit is removed.

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