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Thank you for visiting with us. Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is a Community Support Organization serving the mentally ill, the homeless, the troubled teenagers reaching out for help, and the low income neighbors and families in Dallas Texas.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is to help the less fortunate among us while, at the same time, instructing the individuals how to become self sufficient. Our ministry is not fostering dependency but, to the contrary, we are strengthening the whole person through Counseling-Prayer-Rehabilitation.

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc believes that with God’s help any human life can be improved regardless of its current situations. Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is feeding the homeless and maintaining a food pantry to help the low income neighbors as well as single families in Dallas Texas. We are providing limited transitional housing to individuals who became homeless due to some situations beyond their control while, at the same time, assisting them in setting goals, in developing marketable skills, in networking for gainful employments and, ultimately, in obtaining permanent housing! Our goal is to assist these individuals to become self-reliant, and to discover God’s Divine Purposes for their lives.

Here at Soul for Christ Ministry Inc we study the Word of God together, pray together, and trust God together that He will honor His promises. We are giving hope, and encouraging one another to develop a positive outlook on life. Our belief is that we are all God’s creation and when one of us is suffering, we all are suffering either directly or indirectly. Human beings are made of one blood according to the Book of Acts 17:26. The Bible says that God is our Maker whether one is poor or rich–Proverbs 22:2.

We are recommending that you visit our “Services” page to read more about additional services we are providing to our community. Also, we want you to visit our “Donations” page to see the type of support that we need, and how you can help to support our mission. We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out according to 1Timothy 6:7.

You may not be able to pick up the homeless from the shelters or have the desire to feed the homeless individuals in your home but you can do your part by donating to us. Nothing you donate to our ministry is too small and any item or money you donate is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for anything you donate. Keep in mind however that it would be very difficult for this ministry to continue to provide any or all of these services without the support of people like you. Even though the Bible teaches us that those that refused to work shouldn’t eat, it also commands us, as believers, to help the poor among us - Luke 14: 12-14. Read what Jesus is saying to you and me in the book of Matthew 25: 34-46.

“Soul for Christ Ministry Inc” is strengthening the whole person through education, prayers and, most essentially, the empowerment of the Holy Ghost so that the flesh may learn to surrender to the will of God. We are encouraging the individuals to choose to resist the devil by living obediently to God’s Word. It is in our obedience to God’s Word that you and I will make our ways prosper and have good success according to the Scripture (Joshua 1:8). In God through Christ all of our needs are met (Philippians 4:19).

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